Thursday, August 04, 2005



I think from the bits I just heard coming out of the office that seemed to signal the end of THAT BOY

And the abundance of sniffing coming from his desk that I just couldn't lift my head to look at

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Whistle while you work,

OMG Seigfried was on the phone and THAT BOY was whistling to the radio ( well to his internet radio , as the boss threw out the office radio as THAT BOY kept listening to JOHN LAWS )

Seigfreid got off the phone and said

Seigfried :" That boy do you mind not whistling while i am the phone the guy thought i was going crazy"

That BOY "oh he would have just thought it was the radio anyway"

Seigfried "you honestly think you sound like the radio?"

"A soft heart...and a hard kidney"


Ok Seigfried and I ahve installed msn today so we can giggle and "LOL" about That boy

Today , as in everyday that boy asks. "Has anyone seen the not-so-handy, not-so-employed handy man, I have not seen him , do you know where he is."

Which results in school room type giggle from Seigfried and myself.

THAT BOY " I would appreciate if you knew any thing if you would tell me"
US: " we know nothing"
THAT BOY" I will tell you something. I have a soft hear and a hard kidney" and he giggles to himself.

ohh yes he does

Monday, July 18, 2005


I have been very busy because we have more new staff members. A girl ( well I think she is )and a Know-it-all .....FUN

That BOY is eating cough lollies (Candy) and he shreads every single individual wrapper , one by one.

Monday, July 04, 2005


While fixing something on THAT BOYS computer I noted that his screen was so dark that you could barely see it was on.

ME:" That boy what is wrong with your screen , would you like me to replace it? you can't work with that."

THAT BOY " Oh no I made it like that so that the radiation doesn't get to me. If you have the turned up the radiation will get to you. It will make you have headaches it does that to me , you should turn yours down too."

ME;" It's ok I think I will just get radiated"

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Not a good Idea - THAT BOY

I guess when your email is availble on all the computers on the network. It would not be a sensible Idea to send and receive this type of correspondence

Taken from THAT BOYS INBOX ( which is also avaible on my computer and the BOSSES)


Thank you for your interest in XXX Australia. We do not have any positions in line with your requirements for a position as a Sales Consultant.

Human Resources Officer
XXX (Australia) Pty Ltd

Oppssies The not-so-handy handy man

is not-so-employeed any more

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ohh I'm in Love

Well not really , but I was talking the New boy that sounds like seigfred about my daughter being very pissed off this morning because workmen began Jack-hammering on our balcony at 7.30 am, He commented that what was she still doing in bed at 7.30am? and I told him that she didn't get home til after 12 , and he was shocked that I would let my child out that late .

I then had to tell him that she was 22 , and he would not believe me
I then had to tell him that I was 40 grrrrrrrrrrrrr

His comment was

"But you look like only a baby"

I think I shall Marry him

Friday, June 24, 2005

Physical Drive

The Not-so-Handy, Handy man saw that there was a truck next door giving away cans of Red Bull. Being a nice not-so-handy, handy man , and looking to do any thing but work , he took himself out side and went and got himself and the bosses wife a can. He asked THAT BOY if he would like one , "yes " said THAT BOY

The not-so-handy Handy man came back with a can for him and promptly leaft to go and do some more of nothing somewhere where no one would notice him.

THAT BOY " Is this stuff good for your Physcial Drive?"